The Relationship Between Word and Image

As I learned in my Picture Symbol Icon module a few days ago, clever and effective designs can be created by exploring the relationship between images and words/phrases. In order to practice this method, in the planning of our designs we were to consider simple household objects which we believed related to a specific phrase. Using the phrase “measure for measure” our reading group struggled to find a final design until we related the word “measure” with a simple 30cm classroom ruler. With this simple connection of word and object we replaced “for” with the number “4” and formed the number with a collection of rulers. This gave us a design that we believed was simple enough to not be taken too literal however it had enough depth in the concept for someone viewing it to question its true meaning. This made me realise that design isn’t just a tool to make something look pretty or function properly. It can also be something  used to help people question certain beliefs or ask themselves questions about two separate ideas no matter how simple or complex.



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