This week in our Picture Symbol Icon module we were looking at the ways icons can be used to represent certain things. The example we have been studying is signage for things called “Freezones”. These are public spaces or zones that have some kind of sign to encourage people to do something not usually experienced in normal culture such as jumping in the middle of the street or shouting into thin air.

After a short amount of brainstorming our reading group came up with multiple rough sketches of various ideas for signage representing different Freezones, such as a singing zone, a sleeping zone and a baggy clothes zone.

We were then given an assignment to do the same thing ourselves at home.

I decided to do a sign for a Freezone representing a meditating zone.


The idea came to me of using a cartoon image of some kind of humanoid being in the act of meditation within a simple circle sign shape. The colours have been chosen as they represent, safety, peace and calmness – all of which relate to meditation.

Looking back on my design there are a few things I would do differently if I was ever given a similar task to do again. One thing I would change would be the green coloured ring around the outside. Not that the colour theory is wrong per say but I just believe that purple or magenta would Ā achieve the same effect however may look more appealing.


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