translating form.

For our Ways of Making assessment we were given a task to replicate a Maclaren Buggy at 1:1 scale using sheet cardboard. Straight away our group started to plan different parts of the buggy separately.

We decided to start measuring the different sections of the buggy starting with the wheels. We then sketched out a template and cut out numerous copies of the wheel shape to stick together to create the correct thickness.

We then sanded the edges to make them smoother and more even.

After the wheels were finished we began on the rest of the buggy. Two of us focused on the frame, two focused on the seat/water cover and the other two of us focused on the connecting parts for the frame.

I began creating the frame for the buggy.

In order to achieve a consistent thickness and strength I cut out rectangles and scored them to help them bend into cylinders for the frame. Once we had all made every part of the frame and the seats and had attached the wheels in such a way that allowed them to spin, we continued to assemble all the pieces together. With constant (and irritating) use of masking tape and hot glue we connected every part together to create the final assembled model.

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Looking back on our process there are certain things I would do differently. First of all I would add more physical details to the final model in order to create a more aesthetically accurate prototype. If I had more time available I would’ve spent more time and effort on the strength of the frame to make it more durable.

However looking back on it I can confidently say that we worked well as a team to all achieve the same goal and we came out of this task with a fully functional and strikingly resembling prototype.


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