my first review.

Our second brief for Picture Symbol Icon introduces us to the written element of the module. In this case it is a review for a product of our choosing.

We are to consider 4 things in our review:

  1. What is appealing about the visual style and/or form of your design output?
  2. How well is it made? This can be related to material finish or durability. In the case of digital technologies such as mobile phones, it might be about how well the touch screen performs etc.
  3. You should identify design details that you are particularly impressed by and outline why.
  4. Identify and comment on any aspect of the design that you think could be improved (if any) and suggest alternative design solutions.

I have chosen to do my review on a guitar I used to own, the Chapman ML-1. I have chosen this product as it is a product I admire from a company I respect. It will lso give me a better chance to channel my passion for music into my design thinking which is something I have wanted to experiment with for a while now however haven’t found the chance for myself yet.

In my review I plan to go into detail regarding the products aesthetics, functionality, materials and ergonomics. I will also briefly mention the unique way the company chose to design the instrument and why I believe it to be a useful way for businesses to involve the public in their product portfolios.


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