unnecessary ergonomics?

With the design of my navigational device now decided I have begun to look at how the product will actually be interacted with my the user ergonomically.

For those of you who aren’t aware of anthropometrics or even ergonomics, here is a quick definition taken from: researchguides.library.tufts.edu/humanfactors/anthropometric 

Anthropometry is a branch of anthropology concerned with comparative measurements of the human body and its parts as well as the variables which impact these measurements.  Anthropometric data consists of collections of measurements, often presented in tabular format or annotated diagrams of human figures.  The primary dimensions measured are of bone, muscle, and adipose tissue. This data is used in human factors/ergonomics applications in order to ensure that designs and standards are realistic.

Although this could be me going into too much detail and this kind of information may not be completely necessary to my actual submission, I still believe it is something I should be considering. I have begun using anthropometric data to influence the size and shape of my design. Some things I am considering are how big the face and the wristband parts should be in order for them to comfortably fit onto the users wrist no matter their size/build.

The data I will be looking at is the average wrist width as well as the average dimension for wrist width. This will ensure the watch will fit onto any persons wrist without the need for an adjustable wristband and will also mean the face is not too big so it doesn’t appear to audacious as well as meaning it isn’t too small to see clearly.


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