orientation submission.

So for the past three weeks my reading group and I have been coming up with a solution for our orientation brief given to us in our Ways of Seeing module. In previous posts I elaborated on how we initially explored the brief to the final idea for our interactive cardboard landmark.

On the left is the idea for the landmark after we had just cut it out of cardboard, on the right is the final piece near Duncan of Jordanstone where we placed our project for social engagement.

We placed our landmark around the steps leading from Perth Road to Seabraes student accommodation.


Image of where we placed our landmark on Google Maps.

We believed this would be a good place for us to get people to interact with the project as it is close to the art college so would be seen by people moving to and from the art college and the university halls. Although there were members of the public willing to engage with us on our project, we didn’t get  as many people as we were hoping for and later realised that there were better and busier locations such as the city centre where we would’ve probably met more people curious to see what we were up to.

The second part of our brief asked us to create some sort of presentation or graphic to map the process of our design. Our group decided to work together to create an infographic explaining our thinking.


This is our infographic that we produced as a group.

We decided that the best way to collaboratively create an infographic as a group was for us to all pick a part of our project and talk about it in a part of the infographic. I chose to write and reflect on the social engagement part of the project when we actually took the landmark out into the city. As i mentioned previously we found that people who interacted with it all mentioned that they liked our idea of recognising Dundee’s contribution to design and its design identity as this was something they had never really thought of in relation to Dundee.

We also noticed that people were finding it difficult to actually interact with and draw on the letters due to their small size and position stuck on the cardboard sheet. If I were to do this project again or at least participate in a similar one I would definitely think more into how we could make the product as easy as possible to interact with. However I do believe that as a team we all worked well together to create a result for our brief that we are all happy with and all proud of.


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