psi connectivity – first brief

One of the two connectivity briefs for my Picture Symbol Icon module has been split into two separate briefs (A&B).

Brief  1A – We are to create a looping animation (GIF)  for display in a mobile application designed for designers to respond to typographic Challenges.

Brief 1B – We are to design and render a branded dashboard for the same mobile application. The dashboard must contain a logotype design for the application as well as 4 icons to help users navigate to the following areas.

Animation Challenges
Type Glossary

The last brief we have been given asks us to research an area of connectivity and write an article on our findings for a magazine we are to design.

Most of my thoughts have gone into the first split brief. I plan to approach both designs with a minimalist approach (especially for the 4 icons). I will try make the logo and dashboard design look sleek and contemporary through the use of shapes and colours.


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