making spaces

The new Connectivity brief for Ways of Making challenges us to design a social space to encourage connectivity between people and technology. We have all been put into different groups to complete the task.

The idea our group have come up with is a building which houses a system that measures residences’ moods and emotions to then change the atmosphere of the rooms they are in in order to suit their mood or indeed counter it. The system will also tell the residents when their mood can be successfully encountered by social interaction with other people within the building.

Now that we have the initial idea for the concept the only thing we have to do now is actually design the space.

We have tried a few different ideas for the actual design of the area but we have finally come up with a long curved building with separated bedroom/living areas as well as a shared common room area to help encourage social engagement between housemates. In order to make our model as accurate as possible we are planning to experiment with LED’s to try and show clearly the lighting effects we hope to make.



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