letters home

To help me start the “Letters Home”brief i began by looking at icon designs on Pinterest for inspiration for my designs.


From left to right:


Although I liked the 3 dimensional design of the third example I didn’t think it would work as well for the icons as a simplistic 2 dimensional design. The 2nd example I thought was a bit too bland and I liked the idea of having a colourful dashboard design with shapes rather than simple lines.

My Designs.


I took most of my inspiration from the first example of things I had looked at. I liked this design for its simplicity and the way that the colours made each icon stand out from each other. This was something I wanted to reflect in my designs.

I began by making four simple circle shaped backgrounds for each icon with different colours for each one to help differentiate them from each other. I then added what I believe to be suitable representations for each icon. Photo Icon for the gallery, magic wand for the animation challenge, “&?” for the type glossary and three white cartoon-like silhouettes to represent the members icon.

Animation Idea.

My idea for the animation is quite a simple one to explain. My idea is a pile of lego blocks which build up and connect together to make the letter “L” shape. I like this idea because of its simplicity and also because I believe that the lego blocks represent connectivity as they build up together to make one connected shape.


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