Ways of Making Connectivity Final Submission

So for the past 3-4 weeks we have been working in groups to answer the connectivity theme brief given to us in our Ways of Making module. The brief asked us to design a new urban dwelling concept for a connected society.

Initial Thinking and Ideas

We began by brainstorming ideas on what the function and aesthetics of our design would be.

Thinking about different ways we could connect a certain type of people using a space we eventually came up with the idea for a building that housed multiple occupants with various communal areas. The building would be designed for people suffering from emotional stability issues such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

We did research into how people with these issues can be effected by their surroundings. Whilst looking into this we discovered that peoples moods and emotions can be countered or reflected by colours that they see. This gave us the idea for the house to have some kind of system in it to recognise the occupants emotions and change the colour of the rooms they go into according to their emotion.

After we had decided what our concept would actually do we began looking at possible designs for the actual structure. After coming up with various different ideas through sketching we eventually came up with a rough idea of what our design would look like.

Making the Model

Once we had come up with the shape and function for our concept we began the making process straight away. We mostly used white foam board for the model however did use card for the curved walls and mini furniture models.

The main walls, floors and ceilings were the first things modelled. Afterwards we moved onto the inside walls, doors and decorative parts.

This was the model during the making process as well as after it had been fully constructed.


Before making our model we had discussed ways of showing how the lights would change colours in the rooms. In order to achieve this we fitted LEDs into the top rooms to show how they would light up.

This was the model once the lights had been fitted.

The Presentation

The last part for this brief was that we had to present our models to the class explaining what it would do and how we chose to represent what it would do in our model. My part of the presentation left me responsible for explaining the products and systems inside the house and how we had researched how certain technologies such as facial recognition software and heartbeat sensors can be used to measure someones mood.

I believe the presentation went really well. Our Tutors seemed very interested in our design and had a lot of questions to ask building on their curiosity on how we could maybe even go further with the idea.



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