Online Identity Talk

Last Monday our class was given a talk by Dr Wendy Moncur about online identity. She raised a ver interesting point which stuck with me over the following couple of days. We all talk about ourselves having a “social life” but when does our social life begin and also when does it end?

It is very difficult to determine when a person’s social life begins but surely the latest someones social life could end would be the day they pass away? In a lot of cases that is true, however there a people who’s social life continues after death through their online identity on social media sites. Some people leave control of their online accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to family or friends to keep them up and running. This means that although they may no longer exist in the physical world they are still very much alive online on the internet.

I am still thinking to myself about whether I agree to this as a good thing or not. On one hand I see it as a good way to keep the memory of someone very close to people and also a way to show appreciation of their life as they can contact the late friend/family member’s social media account to remind the controller of that account that they still care. However I also see it as a barrier between the people seeing that account and their ability to move on after the persons death. Surely if you are constantly seeing someones face and also their memories online then it would restrict your ability to move on and carry on with every day life.


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