interview questions

I have just began planning my interview for my research project in my Design Methods for Insight Gathering Module. This means I have to start planning my questions for the interview. In this module we have learnt what kind of questions we have to ask in order to gather the correct information that we need.

It is important to stay away from closed questions that give you simple yes/no answers. My research question is: How important is photography in the life of a 1st year Student in Dundee?

So in order to gather qualitative information for my answers I am going to ask open ended questions based around the interviewee’s studies, social life and interest in photography.

We also learned that it is important to prompt the interviewee as they answer questions in order to dig out all of the qualitative data you need.


These are the questions I am going to be asking:

  1.  How do you use photography to help with your studies?
  2. What is it that appeals to you about photography?
  3. Do you know anyone that uses photography on social media?
  4. When do you find yourself using photography the most?
  5. How often do you use photography?
  6. How has your relationship with photography grown since you moved to Dundee?

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